Noel’s memoirs of April

It has already been 4 months since I started writing my monthly memoir.
At first, I started with the goal of documenting my achievements for a month and quickly figuring out what I did wrong, but unfortunately, it seems that these plans and directions are quickly crumbling as a number of problems start to overlap.

Blog Posting Achievements

A total of 5 blog posts wrote this month.

  • Features of PyCharm used for Python study and research (Link)
  • Analysis of CPython (Link)
  • Multipass — An easy-to-use Ubuntu virtual environment (Link)
  • Try the Python dependency manager Poetry (Link)
  • Deploying the JDA discord bot with Docker (Link)

Actually, the purpose of blogging was to record the results of my research, and I think that the sub-topics I wrote this time fit my purpose well.

There were also new topics that I hadn’t planned at all. In the case of Multipass, I was introduced to it by a friend and I felt it was so interesting that I wrote it to share with others, and Deploying the JDA discord bot with Docker is written for future me.

About Music

Recently, I haven’t been able to deal with speech synthesis engines like Vocaloid and Synthesizer V. Last month I was swamped, and I spent some time figuring out a sequencer program to practice on in the future.


Since I bought an m1 MacBook, I used it for the first time fully.

It does not mean that it was used just for development, but that it took advantage of Arm architecture. Recently, while all my servers were cleaned up, a new deployment strategy and server architecture were formed, and all x86-based servers were migrated to Arm-based.

In this process, I had to re-develop the chatbot from scratch, but the price/performance ratio is quite good, and by Dockerizing all the server apps, the deployment process itself is significantly simplified.

I will write about practical change in a new post next month.

From now on

This month, I’m going to proceed with development focusing on the development of the Unity AI simulator and remaking the Purine library, which we could not do last month. Also as the Cubase dongle key has recently disappeared, we are aiming to complete a self-composed song through a trial version as well.



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