Noel’s memoirs of February

This is a memoir for the month of February.

At the beginning of the month, I’m going to look back to see if I’ve kept my new plan.

Basically, it should have been uploaded on the last day of February, but the upload was delayed due to a house move and a blog migration.

Week 1 (Jan. 30 ~ Feb. 6)

  • Sweet time — work done
  • Don’t rewind time — start working
  • Extension for VS code — SynthV snippet 1st development completed
  • New Voice Library — Buy Tsuina-chan AI

Week 2 (Feb.7th ~ Feb.13th)

  • Don’t rewind time — work done
  • StargazeR — work done
  • Friend’s Full Stack Development Project — Urgent Start-up

Week 3 (Feb.14 ~ Feb.20)

  • Music Box of Time — Start working
  • Python metaclass blog post
  • StargazeR — Upload video
  • Full Stack Development Project — on-going

Week 4 (Feb.21 — Feb.28)

  • Music Box of Time — Task Complete
  • Synth V review blog post
  • Full-stack development project — Completed

Unperformed list

  • Utafomatrix translation
  • SynthV Snippet add-on development
  • App development using AR kit
  • Buff Suite plugin development
  • Many illustration drawing projects

Total review

We expected to work on six cover songs, but as sudden projects and events continued to occur, the amount of work did not come out as much as expected.

All development-related projects were halted due to the sudden emergency input of the project.

However, through this process, I was able to have time to understand and feel the charm of the Go language.

Again, the drawing project did not proceed at all.

There was also the intention to focus on the music, but I felt the wall in the coloring and didn’t touch it further.

I’m trying to re-plan so that I can gather additional information and do more study.

On the advice of a friend, I decided to upload the results to Soundcloud as a group rather than uploading them individually.

It will be added here as soon as it is uploaded.

There seems to be a lot of change in this February, so it’s been crazy. (Preparation for moving, reissuance of visa, etc…)

However, I feel fortunate to have achieved a certain level of performance nonetheless.



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