Noel’s memoirs of March

March was a month that did not produce as good results as expected.

There isn’t much to record, but I’m going to try to record the past month because I can’t keep the habit.

1st week (1–6 days) + 2nd week (7–13 days) + 3rd week (14–20 days)

I have taken all of ZeroCho’s React lectures.

Basically, it was a course uploaded on YouTube, but he shared it with Infrun, and I used Infron because I thought it was a good platform to get a sense of accomplishment.

I’ve been using it since almost the early days, but I think it’s a pretty good platform to watch video programming courses.

Next, I worked on a new cover song after a long time.

I wrote a cover song for Suzy and Baekhyun’s Dream using both Vocaloid and SynthV.

I tried my best, but it seems like my condition was reflected in the results, so I didn’t get good results because I worked when I was not feeling well.

In particular, it seems that the natural feeling of “I had a dream(꿈을 꿨어)” in the lyrics does not seem to work well no matter what I do.

After completing the work, I had a great opportunity to get feedback from acquaintances with experience in band vocals.

It feels like the vibrations are mechanically repeated.

I was a little surprised that the simple and mechanical teaching method that I used repeatedly with a certain pattern could be noticed by the listener, and it was feedback that greatly felt the need to study copying.

Nothing has been done since then in the wake of moving and fatigue from previous projects.

Week 4 (21–27 days) + After (28–31 days)

I have prepared for the AWS Developer Associate exam.

The results are yet to come.

Total review

I think this week has been a month of disappointment for me.

My body collapsed, so I couldn’t get the results, and the last month’s results weren’t even updated because the icon I had been promised wasn’t completed for over a month.

When I was studying time management, I was often told to be careful about burnout, but as I continued to plan, my health came to an end.

However, as good things do not always happen to people, this event seems to have given me an opportunity to think about burnout.

There is no guarantee that something like this won’t happen again in the future, but next time, we’ll have to think and work hard to solve it more professionally.

Also, I will take more care of my health.



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